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Date(s) - 03/12/2017
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Tilden Park Golf Course

10 Golf Course Dr
CA 94708

Notes from TC

“These are the best golfers we have”, Leonard Pytel once said of the Top 10 Championship.  This Sunday morning the 10 TPCG Members with the highest accumulated Top 10 Points will tee off on the 10th Tee at Tilden Park Golf Course.  The golfer with the highest net score, or if there is a tie, the golfer who loses in a blind chip off, will take the long, lonely walk back to the clubhouse. The 9 remaining golfers will tee off on 11 and repeat until there are only two golfers left on the 18th hole to play for the championship.

This is a completely unique competition with a long history and acts as the season ending event for the Tilden Park Golf Club, with only a Goose Shoot remaining.  To Leonard’s point, some of the best golfers in our club have never made it to the 12th tee, survival is the key, not necessarily shooting the lowest score.  If you’ve never seen 10 golfers tee off on same tee, or if you’ve never heard of a “gimme stick”, join us for the fun and competition.  Three way blind chip offs are an experience you have to see, and don’t want to be in, you never know who might win.

Tee off will begin at 7am sharp, so meet on the 10th tee at 6:45, if any of the Top 10 fail to arrive on time, the next highest point winner will take that spot.  There is a buy in and everything else you need to know will be explained on the tee.

See you Sunday

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