Sunday, January 7th 2018

Boundary Oak Golf Course Away Day #1
Format, Tee Times, and Pairings:


18 holes Net Stroke Play played with full handicaps.  Members can select the tees they wish to play from, but rules posted on first tee will designate the tees eligible for gross skins.  Members wishing to play from different tees will have their handicaps adjusted in accordance with Section 3-5/9-3c.  Please indicate which tees you will be playing from, along with what skins you wish to play on the tee sheet.

Both Net and Gross Skins competitions will be held (and closest to the pins is possible)  Scrip will be awarded to individuals placing in the top net positions!

Tee Times (GHIN) ~

          9:58 am  ~  Vincent (13.4) Wessels (10.6) Witt (14.1) Libby (13.2)

          10:06 am  ~  Bard (10.0), Hughes (17.2) Glass (11.4) Parker (6.9)

          10:15 am  ~  Harold (12.5), Mackey (23.9) Cameron (unknown) Kirschman (20.0) 

          10:23 am  ~  Boval (11.5), Proudfoot (12.9), Cooper (14.5) Brunel (18.5) 

          10:31 am  ~  Utter (16.4) Sanchez (11.4), Burger (11.4) Casella (9.1)~

Please see the tee sheet for final rules and the number of strokes each member will get from the different colored tiles: